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      "Poor child!" she repeated, as they moved slowly down the steep, narrow path, "and do you really shudder at the thought of death? I don't. I have only a vast curiosity. Do you remember that definition of Sir Thomas Browne's which Martin read to us once'Death is the Lucina of life.' Death only opens the door of the hidden worlds which are waiting for all of us to discover. It is only an appalling name for a new birth. I love to dream about the infinite possibilities of the futurejust as a boy might dream of the time when he should become a man. Look, look, Isa, there's a yacht coming in! Isn't it a lovely sight?""I have no doubt he will come. It will be the most natural thing for him to do. You will see the white sails some afternoon, glorified in the sunset, like that boat yonder with its amethyst-coloured sail."

      In the hall, she stopped, and took a shawl from the rack.

      In a word, they were like a lot of healthy, reckless, and utterly irresponsible school-boys, holding life as a jest and as something never exceedingly precious."My love, why should we walk? I will drive you there, of course."

      "No more than is just and right," said Carice, quietly. "And now I must go; mamma will be getting anxious. Come a little way with me, uncle, as you used to do."

      Esmeralda poured out some whisky and water and set it before him before replying, and so gained time to control her voice, and answer with an assumption of indifference which the most innocent of Eves daughters find so easy."How could I help it, my dear? Besides, he is my sister's son."



      "Of course it is the right way. Do you suppose I am going to drive you to London?"


      No, I dont, she said. We havent got any lords in the camp. Weve got a man whos abaronetyes, thats it; but we dont call him lord; the boys call him Smifkens. I dont think thats his real name; but scarcely anybody goes by his right name in the camp, especially if its a grand one. They dont like grand names. I dare say theyll call you something different.